Oral Health Wonders: Dental Erosion Prevention

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Oftentimes with dental erosion, an individual begins to suffer from dental damage due to a variety of causes. However, most forms of dental erosion can arise due to harmful acids wearing away your tooth enamel. The tooth enamel is the thin layer that is on your teeth that provides an additional layer of protection against various risks that can arise. However, it is a very thin line of defense to help protect teeth, so it needs to be cared for properly. If it is not properly cared for, acids can chew through it and cavities and potential tooth loss can develop.

It is important to be aware of the causes of dental erosion. If you are routinely at risk for tooth decay and erosion, it could be linked to the excessive consumption of harmful products in your diet. Furthermore, acid reflux disease, dry mouth, genetics, medications and other environmental factors can all play a role in the rise of dental erosion.

To help protect your mouth, always make sure you’re producing enough saliva to wash away any debris and acids that may be present. Various foods including those that are crunchy and watery along with chewing sugarless gum after meals could be beneficial in the production of saliva.

An oral hygiene routine that consists of using safe and effective tools along with a healthy diet can also be beneficial for limiting the effects of dental erosion and acids in your mouth. Always make sure you clean your mouth daily and visit our dentists routinely for checkups.

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